Sneek Preview of Dr Bob's Art for
Slotin Art Fest Atlanta Aug 15-17
Dr Bob was at Folk Fest Aug 15-17 in Atlanta Ga.
Click pictures view Larger Pictures

As you can tell by  these pictures he just took,
Dr Bob
is creating a brand new bunch of stuff,
as well as some new versions of old favorites,
 and he's bringing them to Atlanta !

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P7280001.jpg P7280002.jpg P7280003.jpg P7280004.jpg P7280005.jpg

P7280006 P7280007 P7280008 P7280009 P7280010

P7280006.jpg P7280007.jpg P7280008.jpg P7280009.jpg P7280010.jpg

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P7280011.jpg P7280012.jpg P7280013.jpg P7280014.jpg P7280015.jpg

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P7280021.jpg P7280022.jpg P7280023.jpg P7280024.jpg P7280025.jpg

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P7280026.jpg P7280027.jpg P7280028.jpg P7280029.jpg P7280030.jpg

P7280031 P7280032 P7280033 P7280034 P7280035

P7280031.jpg P7280032.jpg P7280033.jpg P7280034.jpg P7280035.jpg

P7280036 P7280037 P7280038 P7280039 P7280040

P7280036.jpg P7280037.jpg P7280038.jpg P7280039.jpg P7280040.jpg

P7280041 P7280042 P7280043 P7280044 P7280045

P7280041.jpg P7280042.jpg P7280043.jpg P7280044.jpg P7280045.jpg

P7280046 P7280047 P7280048 P7280049 P7280050

P7280046.jpg P7280047.jpg P7280048.jpg P7280049.jpg P7280050.jpg

P7280051 P7280052 P7280053 P7280054 P7280055

P7280051.jpg P7280052.jpg P7280053.jpg P7280054.jpg P7280055.jpg

P7280056 P7280057 P7280058 P7280059 P7280060

P7280056.jpg P7280057.jpg P7280058.jpg P7280059.jpg P7280060.jpg

P7280061 P7280062 P7280063 P7280064 P7280065

P7280061.jpg P7280062.jpg P7280063.jpg P7280064.jpg P7280065.jpg





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